Ciciban Kindergarden

Set into the Gentrified area of the former factory complex TiZ. On the edge of the new residential area, Ciciban Kindergarden features a public park in front and unites an historic city core and a new city. Building is conceived as a city for children which allows them various levels of freedom.  Moving from the strictly private classrooms to the streets and squares that are common spaces for everybody inside of a kindergarten. Extending outside of the building, common space becomes an enclosed courtyard in the back of the building and a public city park in front of it. Combination of stonework and big aluminium glass elements enhances the feeling and the character of the spaces described above. In its form it also pays a tribute to the former factory area. Its roof is designed as a sawtooth roof.


Location Zadar

Year of completion 2007

Program Education/Kindergarten

Surface area 1200 sqm


Client City of Zadar

Architectural design Atrij

Architectural engineering Atrij

Structural engineer ID biro

Electrical engineer Križni vijak

Mechanical engineer Čizmin

Building Physics -

Water supply and sewage Čizmin

Restoration architect -

Interior architect Atrij

Landscape architect Atrij

Artist -

Cost consultant Atrij

Geodesy -

Main contractor Medić

Construction supervision Atrij

Photos Nenad Martić

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