Valentin Klarin Elementary School

Valentin Klarin Elementary school is located on island Ugljan in Preko. School is positioned overlooking the Zadar Chanell giving kids a memorable place to start the education journey. Building itself consists of a composition of volumes. Each activity housed in a specific form makes it an organic ensemble. Like a small city on the edge of the living area. Unambiguous and sober the school provides multiple functions not only for the kids but also for the residents of the whole island featuring a library and a sports hall.


Location Island Ugljan/Preko

Year of completion 2005

Program Education/school

Surface area 3500 sqm


Client Preko municipality

Architectural design Atrij

Architectural engineering Atrij

Structural engineer ID Biro

Electrical engineer Dvorina

Mechanical engineer Alting

Building Physics Atrij

Water supply and sewage Žaz Invest

Restoration architect -

Interior architect Atrij

Landscape architect Atrij

Artist -

Cost consultant Atrij

Geodesy -

Main contractor Zagorje Tehnobeton

Construction supervision Atrij

Photos Boo Doundie

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