Villa in Starigrad Paklenica

On the border of the national park Paklenica and a first row to the sea. Villa in Starigrad Paklenica enhances the experience of the place where the mountain meets the sea. Integrated naturally on the steep slope this building is actually a reconstructed existing house transformed into an unrecognizable object. Designed as a stacking of floors vertically with a shift to make the most of the location. This way each floor has  sun and sea oriented terraces, maximizing views to the south. Existing plinth building is half buried into the ground and covered with stone. Moving vertically, the rough base is slowly opening with the large glass elements ending as a glass top floor overlooking the bay.


Location Starigrad Paklenica

Year of completion 2013

Program Housing/private

Surface area 295 sqm


Client Stipčević

Architectural design Atrij

Architectural engineering Atrij

Structural engineer -

Electrical engineer -

Mechanical engineer -

Building Physics Atrij

Water supply and sewage Atrij

Restoration architect Atrij

Interior architect Atrij

Landscape architect Atrij

Artist -

Cost consultant Atrij

Geodesy -

Main contractor Stipčević

Construction supervision Atrij

Photos Malaika Paulini

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