Lab Ermitage

In 2021 Atrij collaborated with Belgian architect Maximilian Christiansen and Zagreb based studio Detached to create a proposal for Civa museum reconstruction in Brussels.

The location of the future Lab Ermitage is a privileged element in the aim of attracting people and creating destination. A renovation and extension will upgrade this idea creating a more intense public flow.

The old part of the building will attract flex-workers and young professionals as well as digital nomads looking for a place to work and/or stay. The newer right wing of the CIVA is aimed for large student population roaming around Flagey, Fernand Cocq and Châtelain. Attracting daylight into the first subterrenian floor, creating a double leveled fabrication lab. Feeded by a large material depo on the lowest underground space, its production could in turn be broadcast in the neighbourhood auditorium, expo halls/preformance spaces. In order to provide the site with additional housing, extension has been proposed.


Stone house reconstruction

Almost one hundred year old stone house becomes a desirable space for life. Located on the Croatian coast close to the city of Zadar, this house used to be a traditional dalmatian stone house. Featuring modern architectural elements added on the original structure re-designed by Atrij and our collaborating teams it is taughtfully restaurated as an example of the future proof stone house renovation.

In the restauration of this stone house traditional spatial organization is preserved. Everything is organiized aroun the courtyard. Additional recovery of a loadbearing structure was of great importance. Done with a specific ingenuity this project resolves that challenge and gives the space a specific character. Concrete rings enhance the walls, making a cornice element in the interior.

In a refined way this house exposes and putts importance on the richness of the natural materials. Exposing natural stone in the exterior and wooden beams in the interior. This provides distinctive character of both interior, exterior and spatial organization

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