Tommy Supermarket

As an important step in the renewal of the city district, this Tommy Supermarket embraces a bald design. It is conceived as a bunker for groceries. Embedded in the neighbourhood it serves as a big depo that accommodates everything people would have a need for. As a neighbourhood pantry. Distinctive volume consists of two parts. A plinth building that houses a retail space, topped by edgy  volumes on the top of it. Bound together they work as recognizable objects in the neighbourhood. Plinth building is characterized by a strip of stonework and stacked volumes with a slightly sparkling aluminium facade cladding.


Location Zadar

Year of completion 2017

Program Retail/Supermarket

Surface area 1073 sqm


Client Tommy

Architectural design Atrij

Architectural engineering Atrij

Structural engineer Struktura projekt

Electrical engineer Križni vijak

Mechanical engineer Čizmin

Building Physics Atrij

Water supply and sewage Čizmin

Restoration architect -

Interior architect Atrij

Landscape architect Atrij

Artist -

Cost consultant Atrij

Geodesy Zgu Vlatković/Gašparović

Main contractor Tommy

Construction supervision Atrij

Photos Nenad Martić

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